The Importance of Cross Training/Variance

runnerThe first thing we usually hear at the box is, but I’m a (insert whatever here).  Usually it is runner.  Our coaches usually respond with that’s awesome, this will make you a better one.  After talking with several members at the box they all usually come back with a similar response after a month, wow I can’t believe how much this has helped my running or obstacle course racing or swimming.  It’s gratifying but it is also a pretty simple reason.

When I was swimming at Cleveland State University, I wish I knew half as much as I do now.  We did abs, ran, biked and swam… a lot.  The problem with that is, I was only getting better after very long and hard seasons followed by a taper.  Now in my every day life, I train lots of different activities, as does everyone in the box.  We squat (below parallel), we deadlift, we row, we run, we swim, we do gymnastics, we do bodyweight movements, we do sprints, we do short workouts, we do pretty much everything you can imagine in an organized chaos manner.  There is method behind the madness but to the untrained eye, we are just winging it.

The variance keeps the programming and workouts fresh, routine is non existent.  Therefore we are always giving it 100% never knowing when we will repeat that exercise.  In that time frame, we’ve had people PR their 5k runs after not running for 3 months, we’ve had people like myself increase their deadlift from 385-405 without deadlifting for over a month.  You become fresher in the mind and your body becomes more equipped to deal with circumstances that come your way.

The biggest compliment we get is someone saying, wow your program really helped me even when I doubted it.  If you fall into a routine, or just train one thing, it is difficult to stay motivated and harder to get gains.  Enjoy the journey, mix it up, but most importantly… have a lot of fun.

I can’t doesn’t exist.

Jay Glaspy

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