You’ve got to put in the work!

As a coach and gym owner I get to meet several people with different goals and outlooks on life.  It is one of the joys of what we do at JG3 Fitness.  It is also a stressful situation to those who aren’t trained to deal with people.  The most common question I get, how do I achieve (insert goal here) in the quickest manner?  My answer as every coaches should be… you put in the work!

You see the tough thing, and the one where most coaches/gym owners fail, is to tell the truth.  There isn’t a magic pill, there isn’t a time frame, heck there isn’t a guarantee of success.  You get what you put in.  I have seen people do some pretty amazing things in short order, I have seen people do some pretty amazing things with grit and determination over a long period of time.  I have seen far more people, however fail to put forth the effort and quit, sometimes within days of starting.

At JG3 Fitness we will give you a support system, support groups on Facebook, text message reminders, whatever it takes to help you achieve whatever goal you may have. The sad truth that nobody is going to say, but we will tell you, if you don’t show up and work your butt off, eat sensibly, the results just won’t come.

It is ok to not be the best athlete, it is not ok to not work the hardest!

Hope to see you at the gym sometime soon.

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